Top 10 Best Countries for Expats: Unveiling the Best Destinations

We unveil the top destinations and countries for expats from around the globe. With world is brimming with exciting opportunities for expatriates seeking fresh experiences and perspectives. In this guide,

A survey conducted by one of the world’s expat networks, InterNation, shows the top countries ranked by expats based on different criteria including cost of living, housing and even Internet availability as well as its speed. The survey involved more than 12,000 expats representing over 170 nationalities living in 172 countries. This resulted in a rather interesting list including from all over the globe all ranked based on these criteria. 

We at ExpatsGuide have also taken the mandate to put together this list which is takes into consideration various aspects such as the Language barriers involved in moving to certain countries, the ease of visa acquisition as well as security and healthcare services in these countries. With countries such as Taiwan, Singapore and Panama ranking in the list, discover the best countries that are attracting expats from all over the world.

Mexico: The Allure of Latin American Charm 

Mexico; top countries for expats

Based on a survey conducted by InterNation, Mexico ranked top on a list of top countries for expats. The country was ranked first based on the “ease of settling in index” as well as local friendliness which sees expats admitting to the ease of finding friends in their destination. 

Enter the enchanting world of Mexico in 2023, where expats discover a rich tapestry of history, culture, and warmth. With its diverse landscapes, ancient ruins, and lively cities, Mexico offers a unique expat experience. Whether you’re drawn to the colonial charm of Guanajuato, the coastal allure of Playa del Carmen, or the bustling energy of Mexico City, this Latin American gem promises a vibrant and affordable lifestyle. 


  • Cultural Diversity: Mexico offers a rich blend of indigenous and Spanish influences. 
  • Affordability: Generally lower living costs, making it an economical choice. 
  • Warm Climate: Enjoy a diverse climate with plenty of sunshine. 


  • Safety Concerns: Some areas may have safety concerns, and expats should be cautious. 
  • Language Barrier: Spanish proficiency is valuable for effective communication. 
  • Estimated Annual Cost of Living: $15,000 – $30,000 USD 

Singapore: The Lion City’s Roar 

Known for its impeccable cleanliness and bustling cosmopolitan lifestyle, Singapore stands out as a top destination for expats. Boasting a strong economy, excellent healthcare, and a vibrant cultural scene, this Southeast Asian gem has consistently ranked high in expat satisfaction surveys. 


  • Economic Hub: Singapore boasts a robust economy with numerous job opportunities. 
  • Cultural Diversity: A melting pot of cultures, offering a rich and diverse experience. 
  • Safety and Cleanliness: Considered one of the safest and cleanest cities globally. 


  • High Cost of Living: Singapore is known for its expensive housing and overall high living costs. 
  • Strict Regulations: Some may find the strict laws and regulations restrictive.  

Estimated Annual Cost of Living: $40,000 – $60,000 USD 

Canada: A Tapestry of Opportunities 

From the breath-taking landscapes of Banff National Park to the welcoming cities of Toronto and Vancouver, Canada offers expats a high quality of life. With its inclusive society, robust healthcare system, and diverse job market, it’s no wonder Canada is a preferred choice for those seeking a balanced and welcoming environment. 


  • Quality of Life: Canada consistently ranks high for its quality of life. 
  • Natural Beauty: Stunning landscapes and outdoor activities abound. 
  • Inclusive Society: Known for its welcoming and diverse population. 


  • Harsh Winters: Certain regions experience extremely cold winters. 
  • Healthcare Waiting Times: Long wait times for non-emergency medical services. 

Estimated Annual Cost of Living: $30,000 – $50,000 USD 

Germany: The Heart of Europe 

For expats with an appetite for rich history, cultural diversity, and economic stability, Germany is a top pick. Cities like Berlin and Munich blend modernity with tradition, providing expats with a harmonious lifestyle. The efficient public transportation and emphasis on work-life balance make Germany an attractive destination. 


  • Strong Economy: Germany offers a stable and prosperous economy. 
  • Cultural Richness: Home to historic landmarks, festivals, and a vibrant arts scene. 
  • Efficient Infrastructure: Excellent public transportation and healthcare. 


  • Language Barrier: While many speak English, proficiency in German can be beneficial. 
  • Bureaucratic Processes: Some expats find German bureaucracy challenging. 

Estimated Annual Cost of Living: $35,000 – $55,000 USD 

Australia: Down Under Delights 

Australia’s laid-back lifestyle, stunning landscapes, and thriving cities make it a magnet for expats. With a strong economy and a range of outdoor activities, from surfing in Bondi Beach to exploring the Great Barrier Reef, Australia offers a unique blend of career opportunities and a relaxed way of life. 


  • Outdoor Lifestyle: Beaches, wildlife, and a generally outdoor-friendly environment. 
  • Job Opportunities: Various industries provide ample career opportunities. 
  • English Speaking: No language barrier for English speakers. 


  • Distance from the World: Can feel isolated due to its geographical location. 
  • Cost of Living in Cities: Major cities can be expensive. 

Estimated Annual Cost of Living: $35,000 – $50,000 USD 

Switzerland: Alpine Serenity 

Zurich, Switzerland

If you crave pristine landscapes and a high standard of living, Switzerland is the epitome of expat satisfaction. Renowned for its efficient public services, strong economy, and picturesque surroundings, cities like Zurich and Geneva consistently top global quality of life rankings. 


  • High Quality of Life: Switzerland consistently ranks high for quality of life. 
  • Scenic Landscapes: Breath-taking Alps and picturesque landscapes. 
  • Stability: A stable economy and efficient public services. 


  • High Cost of Living: One of the most expensive countries globally. 
  • Cultural Homogeneity: Limited cultural diversity compared to some other destinations. 

Estimated Annual Cost of Living: $50,000 – $80,000 USD 

As the canvas of expat experiences unfolds in 2023, several countries shine as beacons for those seeking new horizons. Alongside Mexico, Singapore, Canada, Germany, Australia, and Switzerland, Spain, Taiwan, Panama, and Portugal beckon with their unique offerings, creating a tapestry of opportunities for the adventurous expatriate. 

Spain: Iberian Charm and Culture 

Spain, with its enchanting blend of Iberian charm and rich cultural heritage, captivates expatriates in 2023. From the lively streets of Barcelona to the historic alleys of Seville, Spain offers a lifestyle that celebrates art, gastronomy, and a vibrant social scene.

With Spain also offering digital nomad visas to foreigners that plan on living in Spain as residents and are working remotely for companies or employers outside of Spain. Expats can immerse themselves in the warmth of Spanish culture while enjoying the Mediterranean climate, making it an appealing destination for those seeking a balance between work and leisure. 


  • Cultural Richness: Spain offers a vibrant cultural scene, historic landmarks, and a lively social atmosphere. 
  • Mediterranean Lifestyle: Enjoy a relaxed pace of life, delicious cuisine, and a favorable climate. 
  • Affordable Healthcare: The healthcare system is generally accessible and affordable. 


  • Unemployment Rates: Certain regions may have high unemployment rates, impacting job opportunities. 
  • Bureaucracy: Some expats find Spanish bureaucracy challenging to navigate. 

 Estimated Annual Cost of Living: $25,000 – $40,000 USD 

Taiwan: The Asian Gem 

Raohe Night Market, Taipei, Taiwan
Raohe Night Market, Taipei, Taiwan (Vernon Raineil Cenzon, Unsplash)

Taiwan emerges as an Asian gem for expatriates in 2023, celebrated for its technological prowess, stunning landscapes, and friendly locals. With cities like Taipei seamlessly blending tradition and innovation, Taiwan offers a dynamic environment for professional growth. The island’s night markets, scenic mountains, and cultural festivals provide expats with a unique and enriching experience in the heart of East Asia. 


  • Technological Hub: Taiwan is a leading force in technology, offering numerous opportunities. 
  • Safety and Cleanliness: Taiwan is known for its safety, efficient public transportation, and cleanliness. 
  • Scenic Beauty: Expats can explore scenic landscapes, night markets, and cultural festivals. 


  • Language Barrier: While English is spoken in urban areas, Mandarin Chinese is predominant. 
  • Air Quality: Cities like Taipei may experience air quality issues. 

 Estimated Annual Cost of Living: $20,000 – $35,000 USD 

 Panama: Bridging Continents and Cultures 

Av. Balbao, Panama.

In the heart of Central America, Panama stands as a bridge between continents and cultures, making it a compelling choice for expats in 2023. The cosmopolitan energy of Panama City, coupled with the natural wonders of the Panama Canal and lush rainforests, creates a vibrant backdrop for expatriates. With a thriving economy and a strategic location, Panama offers an enticing blend of career opportunities and tropical living. 

The country introduced a digital nomad visa in 2021 with one of the lowest fees and ease in acquisition. The nomad visa allows anyone working remotely for a foreign company to stay in Panama for up to nine months. Expats ranked Panama as one of the easiest countries to obtain a visa. They also run on a US dollar-based economy which makes it easy to handle finances and purchases. It is also similarly easy to acquire housing in many parts of this country. 


  • Strategic Location: Panama’s location is ideal for travel and business. 
  • Economic Growth: A growing economy with various business and investment opportunities. 
  • Tropical Climate: Expats can enjoy a warm climate and proximity to beautiful beaches. 


  • Income Inequality: Some areas may experience income inequality. 
  • Infrastructure Challenges: Outside major cities, infrastructure may be less developed. 

 Estimated Annual Cost of Living: $20,000 – $35,000 USD 

Portugal: Iberian Elegance and Coastlines 

Portugal, with its Iberian elegance and picturesque coastlines, continues to enchant expats in 2023. From the historic charm of Lisbon to the tranquil beaches of the Algarve, Portugal provides a laid-back yet culturally rich environment. Expatriates can savour the renowned cuisine, explore historic landmarks, and embrace the welcoming spirit of this European gem, offering a desirable quality of life 


  • Coastal Beauty: Portugal boasts stunning coastlines and a relaxed seaside lifestyle. 
  • Affordable Living: Generally lower living costs compared to many Western European countries. 
  • Historic Charm: Rich history, picturesque villages, and welcoming locals. 


  • Low Average Salaries: Salaries can be lower compared to some other European countries. 
  • Language Barrier: While English is widely spoken, Portuguese proficiency can be beneficial. 

Estimated Annual Cost of Living: $25,000 – $40,000 USD 

Several countries have consistently ranked among the best for expatriates in the survey conducted that offer a unique blend of cultural richness, economic opportunities, and quality of life.

Malaysia, known for its diverse landscapes and vibrant cultural scene, attracts expats with its affordable cost of living and modern amenities. Costa Rica, nestled in Central America, stands out for its ecological treasures, providing expats with a serene environment and a commitment to sustainability. The Philippines, with its warm hospitality and stunning natural beauty, appeals to expatriates seeking a tropical paradise. Bahrain, a Middle Eastern gem, offers expats a thriving economy, a cosmopolitan lifestyle, and a welcoming atmosphere. Thailand, renowned for its enchanting beaches and bustling cities, continues to attract expats drawn to its vibrant culture and delicious cuisine. These countries not only offer unique experiences but also provide expatriates with a fulfilling and enriching lifestyle.  

Other Countries for Expats

Although they have fallen in the ranks in many aspects, including cost of living and housing, which are all considered by expats in choosing a destination, the United Kingdom and the United States continue to offer a pool of opportunities for expatriates. The intriguing cultural landscapes in parts of UK also continue to attract many people from all over the world to engage in many economical activities. We dive into these destinations also to see the pros and cons that come along with living in these destinations.  

 United Kingdom (UK) 

Nestled in a tapestry of history and cultural vibrancy, the United Kingdom stands as an alluring destination for expats. From the iconic cityscape of London to the picturesque landscapes of Scotland, the UK offers a blend of tradition and modernity. Expats benefit from a globally recognized education system, diverse job opportunities, and a rich cultural scene. Whether immersing oneself in the theatrical brilliance of the West End or exploring the historic charm of Oxford, the UK provides a dynamic environment for personal and professional growth. 

  • Cultural Hub: The UK is rich in history, arts, and cultural diversity. 
  • Language Advantage: English is the primary language, easing communication for many expats. 
  • Global Job Market: Opportunities in various industries, particularly in London. 
  • Cost of Living: Major cities, especially London, can have a high cost of living. 
  • Weather: Variable weather, with potential for rainy and overcast days. 

 Estimated Annual Cost of Living: $40,000 – $60,000 USD 

 United States of America (USA) 

The United States, a beacon of innovation and opportunity, beckons expats with its vast landscapes and dynamic cities. From the bustling streets of New York City to the tech hubs of Silicon Valley, the USA offers a myriad of career possibilities across diverse industries. Expats can experience a melting pot of cultures, sample regional cuisines, and explore breathtaking natural wonders. The country’s commitment to freedom and individual pursuit makes it a magnet for those seeking personal and professional fulfilment on a grand scale. Whether it’s the allure of Hollywood, the entrepreneurial spirit of Silicon Beach, or the historic charm of New England, the USA presents a canvas for expats to paint their American dreams. 

  • Economic Powerhouse: The USA offers a diverse and dynamic job market. 
  • Cultural Diversity: From coast to coast, a mix of cultures and lifestyles. 
  • Innovation and Opportunities: Particularly in tech, finance, and entertainment. 
  • Healthcare Costs: Healthcare expenses can be high, and the system is complex. 
  • Immigration Challenges: Visa processes can be intricate and time-consuming. 

Estimated Annual Cost of Living: $50,000 – $80,000 USD 


Choosing the right destination as an expat is a pivotal decision that shapes both your personal and professional life. Each of these top destinations offers a unique blend of opportunities, cultural richness, and a welcoming atmosphere. Before making your move, consider your priorities and preferences to ensure a seamless transition to your new home. 

Ready to embark on your expat journey? These destinations await, promising a world of possibilities and experiences for those seeking adventure and growth. 


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