Housing and Accommodation Advice for Expats: Find Affordable New Home 


There is no place like home, but home is where we make it. When it comes to finding suitable housing and accommodation for expats, we at ExpatsGuide.co.uk seek to provide you with the most essential tips and information to help you easily and safely find a new home away from home. For expats, navigating the local real estate market and understanding the nuances of renting or purchasing a property can be a daunting task. However, with the right knowledge and guidance, expats can successfully find the perfect place to call home in their new host country. In this comprehensive guide, we will provide valuable advice and tips for expats looking for housing and accommodation options abroad.

It is best to begin planning and looking for a new home before your departure to your new country. This will allow you to compare the different options available and pick the most suitable one for you. Consider setting up a budget for rent and other expenses. Be sure to personalise your searches as much as possible, consider getting a home which will be close to your new work place if you are not being provided with accommodation by your new company.  

Housing Options for Students

students looking for housing

As a student moving abroad, you will have a wide range of options for accommodation. First of all, your institution may provide or help with accommodation issues if you are moving for an exchange program. You should however still consider booking early to secure a place of residence. You can also search for accommodation on international student housing platforms such as Uniplaces which offer rooms, apartments and flats for rent. 

Researching the Local Real Estate Market 

Before making the big move, expats should conduct thorough research on the local real estate market in their host country. Understanding the rental and property buying trends, pricing, and location preferences will help expats make informed decisions when searching for housing. Utilizing online resources, engaging with local real estate agents, and joining expat forums can provide valuable insights into the housing market and help expats narrow down their options. 

Most people tend to begin their property searches with the most desirable or popular places where rents are relatively higher. With online platforms such as expatistan.com, you can research, calculate and compare the costs of living between various cities around the world. Get to understand the real costs involved in securing accommodation and transitioning smoothly into your new home. 

Connect with Local Expats and Communities 

Networking with other expats and local communities can open doors to valuable housing and accommodation recommendations. Expats who have already settled in the host country can offer firsthand advice, share their experiences, and provide recommendations for reliable real estate agents or property listings. Joining social media groups, attending local expat events, and reaching out to expat organizations can help expats build a supportive network and gain access to valuable housing resources. Connect with expats from all over the world and gain valuable insight to help with relocating to your new destination.

Consider Short-term Accommodation Options 

For expats who are still in the process of familiarizing themselves with their new host country, short-term accommodation options such as serviced apartments, Airbnb rentals, or temporary housing can provide flexibility and convenience. Short-term accommodation allows expats to explore different neighbourhoods and housing options while taking the time to make informed decisions about their long-term housing needs. 

Understand Local Rental Laws and Regulations 

Each country has its own set of rental laws and regulations that expats need to be familiar with before committing to a lease agreement. Understanding tenant rights, lease terms, security deposits, and eviction procedures is crucial for expats to protect their interests and ensure a smooth renting experience. Consulting with legal experts or local housing authorities can provide expats with important information regarding rental laws and regulations in their host country. 

Seek Professional Housing/Real Estate Assistance 

Engaging the services of a professional real estate agent who specializes in working with expats can simplify the process of finding suitable housing. A knowledgeable real estate agent can provide valuable advice, assist with property searches, negotiate lease agreements, and ensure that expats understand the legal and financial aspects of renting or buying a property in their host country. A reputable real estate agent can be an invaluable resource for expats navigating the local housing market. 

Research and Be Mindful of Cultural Differences 

Cultural considerations play a significant role in the housing and accommodation experience for expats. Understanding local customs, traditions, and cultural norms related to housing can help expats make informed decisions and avoid potential misunderstandings. Expats should be mindful of cultural differences such as preferred housing amenities, property etiquette, and neighborhood dynamics to ensure a smooth transition into their new living environment. 


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